• Customized CRM Development for NAI Real Estate.
  • Web Development at Group Law Firm.
  • Web Development at Barakat al Tawaqaa.
  • Sharepoint Upgradation at DHL.
  • Oracle Database Support at Mausalat Hospital.
  • Oracel EBS Upgrade from 11i to 12i at Burgan Co.
  • BI Support at GGMC.
  • Web Development at Apex Dubai.
  • ERP Customized Implementation at Alghanim Seepam.

Chairman's Words !

  • Where vision transpires into reality, where commitment, dedication and human assets come first, we at the TechnoSys Group feel proud to be a part of such a progress. We understand that success cannot be measured by the amount of wealth our enterprise generates, but by the degree of development it brings to the society. The true essence of growth is, when an individual grows spiritually, conscientiously and intellectually. Because when an individual grows, the society grows, when the society grows, the country grows and when a country grows, the world grows. So, an individual's growth is vital for the world's growth, and this is where we have to focus. We have to see that the "individual" is not lost in the blind pursuit of wealth and modernization.

  • When we founded TechnoSys in 2002, we not only believed that innovation could secure our place in the emerging IT market, but that it also had the potential to help change the world as we knew it. We always wanted be a the first choice for customer when it comes to commitment and Profssional Services..

  • We are leader in the IT industry, serving customers in all over Middle East. Our mission remains the same now as it was when we began: to continually innovate, providing reliable IT Solutions and application solutions that match the needs of a rapidly evolving market.

  • Whether it's the local market or the international market, we never compromise on quality. Quality is ingrained in the very philosophy of our enterprise and is adhered to by every single worker of our organization.

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